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happen to 后面跟的是人名、公司、或其他集合名次和代名词 What happened to you? It happens to everybody. The same thing happened to John and his family last week. Please make sure this doesn't happen to us again. happen at 后面跟...

happen at + time/place the accident happened at 9 o'clock in that evening. happen at the store the accident happened at that store happen to 是指发生在某人身上 eg:What happened to you yesterday? at 一般后面都加的是点时间或者是...

what happened to sb?用to

happen at the atomic level. 发生在原子水平。 happen at the atomic level. 发生在原子水平。

Strange things did happen hereNo stranger would it be这里有奇怪的事发生,简直不能再诡异If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree你我相约午夜在上吊...

happen to 英 [ ˈhæpən tu: ]美 [ ˈhæpən tu ] 发生在…身上;碰巧;赶巧;值; 希望对你有帮助, 春节愉快!

没看出有什么问题啊,最后Server started in RUNNING mode,服务已经起来了啊,只是你有中文编码有问题而已啊 Server may already be running 是你原来的服务...

小题1:C小题2:D小题3:B小题4:D小题5:C 小题1:细节理解题。结合We may feel excited when we have success in a school play可知答案。小题2:细节理解题。结合Miss Wang, has taught us a good way of remembering things to make our own yearb...

if they happen at all,have gone casual 如果他们发生的一切,都散了 if they happen at all,have gone casual 如果他们发生的一切,都散了

你提到的两种用法都不对,想问“发生什么”,可以有三种说法: what happened? 发生了什么事 what's happening? 什么正在发生? what has happened?(也可以缩写成what's happened?)已经发生了什么?

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