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1. happen on后面加的可能是时间/地点等名词(短语),而这个短语恰好是要求用介词on的。 比如:What happend on the island? 这个岛上发生什么事? A traffic accident happened on July 12th? 7月12日发生了一起交通事故。 happen on不是固定...

happen to 后面跟的是人名、公司、或其他集合名次和代名词 What happened to you? It happens to everybody. The same thing happened to John and his family last week. Please make sure this doesn't happen to us again. happen at 后面跟...

happen on sth和 happen to sb

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happen to sb

what happened to sb?用to

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happen to是某事发生在某人身上,sth. happen to sb. happen on 是偶然遇见或发现,比如I happened on this old photograph in the back of the drawer.也可以说happen upon

I happened on this old photograph in the back of the drawer.我发生在这张老照片的抽屉里。meet by chance

7 days On my way to see my friends 在我去看朋友的路上 who lived a couple blocks away from me (owh)他们住在离我不远的几个街区外 As I walked through the subway 当我在地下铁里走的时候 it must have been about quarter past three应该...

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